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Opinion: Why I’ll lose interest once Kitty goes the way of Cocozza

Sunday, 13 November, 2011 2 comments

Silence envelops the arena. The audience, hungry for someone to hurry up and get the chop, watch the panel of judges with eager anticipation. The process of elimination sifts through the dwindling group, eventually whittling it down to just two. One will stay, and one will go. And, after a brief musical number, one gets sent packing by a landslide … Frankie! At least, that is what could, and in many ways should have happened. A precocious, cocky 19-year-old being taught a valuable lesson about respect and life in general, on live TV! How many of us would have cheered then. It might also have taught countless 16-year-old girls a lesson about wasting their money on mobile phone votes. But I digress…

This does mean that there there will now always be a debate over whether it was fair or not to throw out Frankie! A legion of youths will bewail their support for him, after a seemingly unjust ejection. After all, he only boasted about the drugs. It’s not like he was snorting lines off of Gary Barlow’s glass table…

Of course, what is really unfair is the fact that everyone else who cannot stand him, whether for his attitude, his hair or because he was a bloke wearing skinny jeans, will never get to see the nation grow tired of him and tell him he isn’t big or clever anymore. Ever since he literally talked his way through his rendition of The Black Eyed Peas’ song “I Got a Feeling”, which was worse than some of the material in the auditions, it was clear he could not possibly win this.

He was a farce, funny to watch, but one to drop as soon as the semi-finals arrived. A bit like Wagner. But, now that his fate has been decided by the powers-that-be, he thinks he can actually sing! He has been given an excuse by the show’s bosses for his dismissal, and leaves with Z-list celebrity status, evading his pending lecture on the harshness of life like a naughty schoolboy. It has even been stated that he is actually “going to take some time out before continuing his career as a singer.” Well, I bet Malia has a cracking karaoke scene anyway!

So why so soon ITV? With great pride comes a great fall, and all that. It would have been far more entertaining to have him stay until the final three, and then see him ditched like one of his conquests. You wanted him in because he was “a cheeky chappy” with “charisma”, and now he has behaved like one you’re letting him go, on the grounds he broke a “golden rule.” That’s like having a pet lion in order to make you look tough, but then getting upset because it attacked someone.

I would not be surprised in the slightest if the show’s already-suffering ratings take a nose-dive after this. At the end of the day, does anyone really get drawn into the X Factor because the people are genuinely good? Craig Colton and Misha B are certainly gifted. Yet, they are pretty boring to watch. It’s no fun watching a serial talent contest if the contestants are already talented and don’t really develop along the way. Maybe the latter could jazz things up by bringing back those outfits and hairstyles which make her look like an exotic bird? Unless something radical happens I, and I am sure many others, could very well lose interest in the show.

Which brings us to Kitty Brucknell. How obnoxious she is, with her me, me, me attitude and her over-the-top dramatics. But can you honestly say you aren’t the slightest bit entertained by her antics? Did you see that scowl she had on her dolly face last Sunday night, when she was voted so near to the bottom? It was the sort of look a princess might have, after being told she couldn’t have her way. Are these not the reactions we tune in for? And unlike Frankie, she does have an amazing voice! Seriously, if I was listening, and didn’t know anything about her personality, I would enjoy her singing immensely. The only reason she is bound to be next for an axing is the fact that she put obstacles in her way by alienating her audience in the earlier shows, with unnaturally confident showiness. No-one likes an attention seeker!

And that’s just what The X Factor is. A popularity contest. How else could someone like Frankie have managed to cruise through it while a genuinely talented singer like Kitty be subjected to the stress of a survival song? The latest twist, of course, is to have a previously rejected singer return to fill the void the mop-head has left. And who better than 16-year-old Amelia Lily, who is no stranger to Frankie’s ways. Is this the radical change the show needs though? Can she break the predictable and mundane routine that has settled, and prevent us reaching for the remote? Only time will tell, I suppose.

For now, I guess we wave goodbye to Frankie…his crapness will continue in various MTV interviews and next year’s Big Brother, I am sure. And he will continue to address the never-ending queue of besotted and sozzled fans with undergound liasons, while his dad tallies them off like many other dads do when their sons score goals throughout a season. It was unsettling to watch his farewell though. As he exited the house, the shadow of Doherty seemed to fall across his departure. It will not be the last we hear of him, and he will still be dancing with the devil who takes the lives of many pop stars, for years to come.