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Review: The Inbetweeners Movie

Friday, 2 September, 2011 1 comment

Image © Film4, 2011

What happens when you throw a bunch of reckless, sexualised teenagers on holiday? And no, the answer isn’t American Pie. The latest Film4 blockbuster takes the cringingly desperate teens of The Inbetweeners and throws them into the Mediterranean holiday that no blue-balled boy could resist.

The film takes the same general setup as the sitcom series, with Will (Simon Bird) narrating over the course of scene transitions. It’s packed full of laughs from start to finish, although this is British teen humour at it’s most extreme: it’s blunt, vulgar and often quite offensive. This film is  not for the easily offended and definitely one for your grandparents who think that all teenagers are juvenile delinquents…this will only reinforce their point.

From his horrifically cringe worthy masturbation scene (yes, it’s in there) to the ‘emergency’ twenty Euros stored inside his rectum, Jay (James Buckley) stands out as perhaps the most dynamic of the characters, as to be expected from fans of the original series. Neil has his awful fake-tanned face. Will has the phallic image burned into his back. Perhaps worst of all is Simon (Joe Thomas) and his total oblivion to the girl throwing herself at him in the attempts to rekindle his failed relationship. These are all rolling jokes that ensure that you continue to laugh between punchlines. You see, there’s two ways you react to the jokes of this film. The first reaction is with sheer stomach churning laughter, the other being a horrid sinking disappointment at the characters’ (mainly Simon’s) social ineptness.

What the film does do incredibly well is make its audience laugh until their bowels are almost on the floor; quite fitting with all of the poo-related jokes. It’s a very familiar film to anyone who’s watched American Pie, EuroTrip, or any other film involving teens on holiday, but with what I find to be a brilliant British edge. More swearing, more use of the word ‘cock’ and far more awkwardness than you see in the more ‘angst-filled’ American counterparts. The film is exactly what you’d expect; cheesy, predictable and outrageously funny. Don’t watch this film for an insightful look into the teenage mind, or for a reimagining of a genre. You won’t get it. What you get is a solid, tried and tested film formula that has been used once again to create a hilariously funny ninety-seven minutes of cinema.

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