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Hillingdon mum launches pre-natal advice pack

Tuesday, 6 September, 2011 Leave a comment

A new scheme was launched at the end of June to offer free advice and information to pregnant women around West London.

The Acorn Pack, a collection of local, relevant and ethical information for expectant mothers, is the creation of Jane Woodley, a mother-of-two from Hillingdon.

Jane started the company having realised that many women had regrets about their birth and early parenting experiences. Having been through the experience twice herself, she felt that there needed to be more accessible, realistic and supportive information available to all new parents.

The concept of the Acorn Pack started during Jane’s first pregnancy – although she did not realise it at the time. Her experience with the lack of helpful information on breastfeeding is what initially led her to start researching pre-natal experiences:

“I was fascinated to speak to other women about their birth and breastfeeding experiences.  I did a lot of listening to other women from all over the country talk about their experiences and started to piece together a picture of what breastfeeding support was like in the real world, not in the poster campaign world”.

After months of speaking with healthcare professionals, other expectant mothers, committees and companies, Jane felt she had enough information to put together something which would really benefit mums-to-be:

“My aims were clear.  I wanted to pull together the best and brightest from the world of pregnancy, birth and beyond, to stimulate debate, to empower women to expect a good standard of care, not to get through pregnancy and birth and early motherhood and think, ‘Wow.  I only wish I’d known – I’d have done things differently'”.

Working in partnership with the London Borough of Hillingdon and Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust, Jane managed to secure start-up funding from Public Health to launch the Acorn Pack Antenatal.

The Acorn Pack carries advertising relevant to new families and is seeking responsible corporate partners to grow Acorn Pack Antenatal and to develop Acorn Pack Postnatal.

Acorn Packs are available from:

  • Barra Hall Children’s Centre, Hayes
  • Coteford Children’s Centre, Eastcote
  • Harefield Children’s Centre, Harefield
  • Hillside Children’s Centre, Northwood
  • Oak Farm Children’s Centre, Oak Farm
  • Yiewsley Cornerstone Children’s Centre, Yiewsley
To find out more information and to read Jane’s whole story, you can visit the Acorn Pack website here.

Teens bailed after Southall nightclub stabbing

Tuesday, 6 September, 2011 Leave a comment

Three teenagers, two aged 18 and one aged 17, have been released on bail after a 17-year-old boy was stabbed in a nightclub in Southall on Thursday night.

The victim, who has not been named, was attending an under 21s night at the Tudor Rose, a Caribbean club, when he was attacked at around 23:30.

He was taken to hospital with a minor stab wound to the chest and was released the following day.

The victim’s mother claimed to be disgusted by the club’s lax security in a situation which could have turned fatal.

In a statement, she said: “My son went to a club in Southall and they allowed people to go in there with a weapon.

“He’s never, ever been in any trouble with the police – he’s a law abiding citizen, people can vouch for that. The doctors said luckily he moved in a certain way so it’s just a superficial stab wound, but I could’ve lost my son last night.

“He was a bit shaken up but he’s OK now, you’ve just got to move on. I can’t stop him going out but I won’t let him go there again.

“Councillors have been trying to shut the place down. The owners keep calling it racism, but I’m a black woman, it’s about protecting peoples’ children”.

The teens, who were arrested following the incident, have been bailed and are due to appear in court on November 18.


Ealing Shooting: Update

Tuesday, 6 September, 2011 3 comments

Metropolitan Police are now appealing for any witnesses after a shooting outside the Black George Pub in West Ealing in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police and ambulances were called to the scene just before 5am to find a 21 year old man with a severe graze to his left shoulder. He was taken to Ealing Hospital for treatment but was released shortly afterwards.

A second man, aged 25, who had left the scene before the police got there, arrived at Kings College Hospital with a gun shot injury to his foot. He is said to be in a stable condition and his injuries are not life threatening.

The police are now appealing to anyone who was in the West Ealing area at that time on Sunday morning, and are particularly keen to hear from any witnesses who may have seen a dark coloured Vauxhall Astra driving off at speed from the location.

If you have any information, please contact Trident on 0208 733 4774 or, alternately, if you wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Met police: “Take care of your valuables”

Monday, 5 September, 2011 Leave a comment

The Metropolitan Police are urging Londoners to take care of their valuables when out and about. This is part of a renewed awareness campaign, launched today (Monday September 5) in the hope of  reducing street crime. 

To support the campaign, 1,000 officers and PCSOs will be helping and engaging with school children across London as they start their new school year.

While overall crime in London continues to fall, there has been a recent rise in street robbery.

The most commonly stolen items this year have been:

-high-value smart phones

-digital media players

-gold jewellery (chains and necklaces) which are sold for cash through the second-hand market – largely driven by the high value of gold, and companies promising to sell it for large sums.

To coincide with the new academic year, the police will be supporting children, especially year seven pupils just starting secondary school, to advise them on how to keep safe. As 11-year olds start their new schools, they are often making longer journeys, walking home for the first time or have new phones.

This time of year usually sees an increase in children (11-16) whose mobile phones are stolen after leaving school. Parents are also being advised to make sure their children are aware of how to avoid drawing attention to expensive items in their possession.

Assistant Commissioner Ian McPherson, head of the Met’s Territorial Policing, said: “We take street crime very seriously – being robbed can be a traumatic experience and so tackling it is a key priority for us and we are doing everything we can through enforcement, education and prevention to address it.

“While concerted actions to tackle street robbery continue – including thousands of arrests under Operation Target, the Met’s drive on crimes against people and property – we are asking the public to take some basic precautions to help minimise the chance of it happening.

“When you are out, where possible try to keep any valuables hidden. Smart phones and media players are becoming must-have items for many people – that includes criminals too. They simply see these items as cash.

“Many robberies happen when people check their phones just after leaving a train or underground station, or when they are going about their business and may be distracted. Young people too, especially secondary school-aged children are also targeted – usually after school by other young people.

“We’re not asking the public not to use their phone or media players in public, or not to wear jewellery – we are just advising them to be vigilant about where and when they use or wear them.”

For more information or advice on how to keep safe visit

Man charged with assault of Malaysian student

Sunday, 4 September, 2011 Leave a comment

A second youth has been charged with the assault and mugging of an injured Malaysian student in an attack during the riots of last month. The shocking attack was videoed and put on the internet which sparked a fundraising campaign for the student. 

Ashraf Rossli (Ashraf Haziq), 20, who studies at Kaplan University in Angel Square, Islington, was robbed on August 8th in Barking by two people who had initially appeared to ‘help’ him.

Reece Donovan, 21, of Romford, has already been charged with robbery.

Now a 17-year-old has been charged in connection to the attack and will appear at at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Monday. The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is accused of grievous bodily harm, robbery, burglary and violent disorder.

A portable Sony PlayStation and Nokia mobile phone were taken from Rossli who was left in hospital with a broken jaw.

After the attack, the student said he wanted to stay in Britain and claimed to ‘pity’ is attackers.

In an interview, he said: ‘Britain is great. Before I came here I was very eager and I haven’t got any ill-feelings about what happened.

‘My family are worried about me and my mother would like me to go home. But I am determined to stay. I feel very sorry for the people who did this.

‘It was really sad because among them were children.’

He added that he had been helped by two girls and a woman who lived nearby who saw the incident.

The Let’s Do Something Nice for Ashraf Haziq group has raised around £25k in aid of the student who is now fully recovered.


Man charged over fatal shooting in Croydon

Sunday, 4 September, 2011 Leave a comment

Detectives investigating the fatal shooting of a man in Addiscombe, Croydon last month have charged a man with murder.

Police were called to Morland Road at around 8.55pm on Tuesday, August 23rd.  Jonathan Barnes,  20, from Lewisham, suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead 3 hours later.

Jonathan Barnes

Daniel Tesfay, 25, was arrested on Thursday afternoon in west London, on suspicion of murder, and was held at a south London police station.

He was charged yesterday with the murder of Mr Barnes and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

He is due to appear in court next Saturday.

Shooting in Ealing

Sunday, 4 September, 2011 1 comment

A shooting took place this morning on the A4020 Uxbridge Road in Hanwell, West Ealing.

The London Ambulance Service was called to the scene at 5am after reports of the shooting involving 2 males outside the Black George pub.

Reports say 3 shots were fired in the drive-by incident and two people were injured, but there were no fatalities. Police officers attended the scene and one man was taken to hospital. His injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

Operation Trident, the division of the Metropolitan Police which specialises in gun crime, has been informed. No arrests have been made and enquiries are continuing.

The road, which lies between Culmington Road and Broughton Road, remains closed at this time but is expected to be re-opened later this afternoon.