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Cancer patient dies following attack in Hillingdon Hospital

Tuesday, 1 November, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

A cancer patient has died after being attacked by an Iranian illegal immigrant as he lay in his hospital bed.

The illegal immigrant was removed to a nearby detention centre (file picture, courtesy Home Office).

Anthony Wilson, a 78-year-old man from Harefield near Uxbridge, had undergone an operation to remove part of his bowel just four days previously. He was asleep when he was assaulted by an Iranian man who had been brought into the hospital two days earlier complaining of breathing difficulties.

Three UK Border Agency guards, who had been brought in to sit with the Iranian during his hospital stay, had to intervene when the shocking and unprovoked attack on Mr Wilson took place.

The man was removed from Hillingdon Hospital immediately and returned to a nearby immigration removal centre, where he is currently awaiting deportation.

The attack occurred in front of other patients on the ward at approximately 8.20am on October 17. Police were called but the UKBA guards dealt with the incident swiftly.

Mr Wilson, who served in the Army as a teenager after the Second World War, was admitted to hospital on October 11. He had been battling bowel cancer for three months prior to being admitted.

Mr Wilson was pronounced dead at 4.20am on October 18, when police were again called to the hospital.

Following the attack, Mr Wilson’s brother, Jeffrey, 68, told the Mail on Sunday “I have lost my brother, who was my right-hand man. He used to do everything for me and I miss him.

“He went for the operation and got through it and did all right, but someone may have taken his life away from him so I want to know the truth of what happened.”

A post-mortem examination concluded that Mr Wilson had died from septicaemia, but an inquest will be held in order to determine whether or not the attack was a contributory factor.

Doctors had previously informed him of the various risks involved with the invasive surgery, especially because of his age and because he had been fitted with a pacemaker earlier this year. The former engineer decided to go ahead with the operation anyway and had made plans to recuperate at home by his brother’s side.

Jeffrey went on to say: ‘We lived together all our lives, we were best friends and I will miss him. Sometimes we fell out over different things at one time or another, as  brothers often do, but it was a good life together.’

It is as yet unclear whether the attack on Mr Wilson was a factor in his death; Jeffrey insists that his brother was strangled, but the investigation is ongoing.

Hillingdon Hospital NHS Foundation Trust claims the assault “took only seconds and amounted to him [the immigrant] putting an arm round Mr Wilson’s neck.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said they attended the hospital and that the death is being treated as non-suspicious.

A spokesman for the UK Border Agency confirmed that they are in the process of removing the Iranian man: “We are reviewing this incident and, if necessary, will take appropriate action.”

  1. TJ
    Tuesday, 1 November, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    I have to say, this headline is not exactly misleading but definitely leads people to the wrong conclusion.

    In a poll of colleagues and friends 95% came to the same conclusion as your facebook respondents based on just reading the headline and the intro blurb showing on your facebook entry.

    There are a slew of reactions on your facebook page based on what I think are people just reading the headline rather than the actual story and there have been no clarifications or attempts to explain this story properly.

    To quote: “i bet after he does prison he dont get sent back to iran”
    “I can’t believe it happened! 3 uk border agency officers were guarding him, baffles me how he was able to strangle this poor man with them on guard.”
    “The poor family of this man were going through enough..and now they have to deal with him being murdered!”

    3 statements that are according to the rest of your story, utterly incorrect….the man is awaiting deportation….he did not strangle the man…..he was not murdered.

    Icing on the cake: “hang him, cut him up and flush the bits down the bog”

    I acknowledge it is not your role to spoon-feed people their news in easy to swallow chunks but the shower of xenophobic reactions this has resulted in should surely result in some response from yourselves.

    The West Londoner has so far been a cut above most other media outlets with honest, objective reporting, I have said so on your Facebook page in the past but this article lets you and your readers down.

    • Wednesday, 2 November, 2011 at 3:04 PM

      Good point well made. The problem is really with the headline – simply put, there’s no short way of saying “man in hospital being treated for cancer dies a short while after being attacked by someone who entered the UK illegally but there is no definite link between the two incidents.”

      As editor of WL, I do want to keep our hard-earned reputation for honesty and objectivity. if readers think we’re sliding away from that, then we’ll change how we report emotive incidents like this. Having edited the article myself before publishing it, I’m confident enough to put my hands up and say “my fault”.

  2. Kirsty
    Tuesday, 1 November, 2011 at 10:06 PM

    This article sickens me to the stomach… How on earth can something so disgusting and utterly ugly take place in a hospital where patients should feel safe..

    Considering my grandad has just left hillingdon a week ago to go to rehab in mount vernon, and i have to say hillingdon hospital and the intensive care unit done a wonderful job, but it makes you wonder what can happen to them whilst they’re meant to be getting well….

    Nevermind it was ano immigrant who might i just add is clearly using the health service that us tax payers pay to keep running… Makes my blood boil!!

    My thoughts love and prayers go out to mr wilsons family. Lets hope this animal gets what he deserves!!

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