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Daily Dosage 09/09

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As there were a lot of releases today I’ve decided to quickly rush through them all and give my opinion. No news or deals today I’m afraid, but I’m working on something special soon!

Releases Today

Well, it was going to happen eventually… Here’s what’s out today!

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine : PC, PS3, 360cinematic third person shooter based on the Warhammer franchise. Not sure if that’s slowly narrowing the target demographic or opening it to a wider audience!

Dead Island: PC, PS3, 360zombie apocalypse shooter with heavy RPG elements. Personally I can’t help but think “left 4 dead meets dead rising” but maybe it’ll bring enough new to the table. Sadly it’s an American game so you can kiss “subtle horror” goodbye for gross-out and explicit.

Resistance 3 : PS3 one of the opening franchises for the PS3 and one of their few exclusives. I seem to remember the original being OK, but nothing staggering, and as it’s PS3 exclusive it’s desperate to incorporate the Move. If you like first-person sci-fi shooters then you could probably do worse, but also a lot better.

Star Fox 64 3D: 3DSthe string of numbers and letters at the end isn’t to confuse you. This is a 3ds re-release of the Nintendo 64 game from about 13 years ago. The original was great so it goes to reason that it’ll still be great a few years later, it’s up to you to decide if you want to encourage Nintendo’s rereleasing of their entire back-catalogue with slight 3d that gets turned off after 10 minutes of gameplay.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron : PS3, 360Japenese interpretation of the bible and the end of the world. Gameplay looks like a combination of an old-school platformer mixed heavily with Devil May Cry hack-and-slash action. The real seller here is the novelty, in that it’s a genuinely beautiful and artistic game, with a fantastic score. I will be picking this up if only for the uniqueness-factor.

Rise of Nightmares: 360A first person horror game that incorporates Kinect controls. Simple fact is that if you have a Kinect you’ll probably get it because you’re hungry to play something on your hundred-quid investment. As for the rest of us?

First person? Immersive. Horror? Potential mind-fuck. Motion Controls? Completely un-immersive. It’s self-defeating, you cannot get into a game if you’re constantly worrying about the controls lobbing a grenade every time you pick your nose, or being aware you have to act like an idiot to get even the simplest thing done. Want a good first person horror experience?  Amensia: The Dark Decent.

Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident : Wii

Thor: God of Thunder : 3DS as a general rule of thumb video-game tie ins for movies tend to suck. They have half the development time at best, the writing is often pulled from the script-writers trash-can and it’s entire selling point is that it kinda relates to a movie you might have enjoyed. I’ve checked the reviews and suffice to say I do not think that gimmicky 3d graphics on a hand-held can save an already failing game.

CRUSH3D: 3DSvery little info on the web for this one… Sounds like a puzzle game on 3DS that’ll no doubt focus heavily on the 3d graphics (given the substitution in the title). Could be worth a look, but Nintendo have a nasty habit of charging full retail price for cute mini-games. If that’s the case wait until it comes down, then go in for it.

Order Up!! : PS3move control port of a Wii rip off of Cooking MaMa. If you’re a household that has a PS3, Move, but not a Wii and a 5 year old brat then you might want to get it, but otherwise just get the cheaper version on the cheaper console that comes with the gimick pre-installed.

Challenge Me Kids: Brain Trainer: DSBrain-training games are always fun, one for kids is questionable but could still be great fun for them. Again, same retail-price problem, might want to wait for price-downs.

Monkey Island: Special Edition Collection: PC, 360, PS3one of the all-time great point-and-click adventure games, repackaged and resold. if you haven’t seen these you might want to pick them up for a piece of gaming history, but to be honest this is a collection that will sell more on nostalgia than genuine interest.

Bus & Cable Car Simulator: San Francisco : PCone of those simulation game things I talked about yesterday. If you’re absolutely desperate to drive buses and cable cars in San Francisco then I hope this game delivers an amazing experience for you. As for the rest of us probably not your thing.

I short, nothing spectacular, a lot of ports, re-releases, gimmicks and money-grabbing tie ins. Only one that’s actually unique is El Shaddai, and that’s so bizzarre it’ll probably scare off most people!

Well, that’s it for today, see you all on monday!

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