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Daily Dosage 07/09

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Today I point out a few flaws in the logic of fox news (not that it really needs any given its swiss-cheese mindset). Deals here as well!

Releases Today

360 …: BloodRayne: Betrayal, Skydrift, , The Crimson Alliance

PSP: The Impossible Game (also on PS3)

which I believe are all indie games for the most part… Mostly released on PSN or XBLA.


Online Digital DL

Steam: Cloning Clyde and the Kane and Lynch and Hitman Bundle (shame about the first half, get it for the Hitman)

News from around the Web:

I’m going to forgoe looking at the normal 10 or 12 sites I have up and instead link this directly to you. Watch it first or my rambles will make no sense.


Now, Fox news isn’t known to be exactly fair when it comes to the Video Game debate, but I do love the stupidity of this interview…

So allow me to address the main points as they come to me…

Firstly, using words like “green police” and “liberal agenda”, “greyer not green” is hardly unbiased from the offset…

1) “People profiting off of social cause” : I do semi-agree with this. For instance, I never ever pledge any money to charity workers that knock door to door, canvassing an area. Why? Because these are hired employees, I always ask them such and they admit, meaning that the money they’re earning will have to at least to some extent cover the expenses of them being there, meaning this guilt-mongering tactic is more a personal ploy and that of bullying, and I refuse to encourage or enable such horrible hypocrisy. If they were volunteers then I probably would give a little money, but still, I don’t like people coming to my home and bullying me.

However, games are a commercial art, no-one’s saying that they aren’t making the game to make money, but if that same thing can do some good. I mean you have to buy the bible, does that mean that the church isn’t trying to do you some good? in their own misguided way. It’s not like you’re buying the game for anything other than the game, but the message of the game is different from “shoot all teh d00dz”.

2)”Soy plants… wind farms… Nuclear power” – Now, I haven’t played these games, but it sounds like to me that they’re using a game mechanic to promote pro-world actions. Build a soy farm instead of a slaughter-house? A windfarm instead of a nuclear power station? And here we’ve got a disk jockey and a corporate tool discussing that this is “fear mongering” and guilt inducing…

Fact is, the earthquake in Japan? All that worry about the Nuclear plants going into meltdown? You wouldn’t get that with a wind farm. Cost to ship veg to processing, veg to cattle, cattle to slaughter house, meat to supermarket? Pretty much halved when you’r skipping some of those steps for veg>processing>super market. You can produce something 40 times the amount of veg on a plot of land as meat, so yeah, the mechanics are based on the science there.

3) “People don’t know what’s in these video games” is the laziest bullshit trotted out by these stupid news sites. It doesn’t apply here, but not all content in everything is intended for everyone. You wouldn’t let your 5 year old watch Schindlers List, not because it’s a bad film, just because it’d probably go over their head and traumatise them. This is bad parenting, sticking kids in front of a screen and hoping they raise themselves. Of course, when the message is environmentalism, it hardly applies. This isn’t CoD, Red Dead Redemption etc, where murder and death are a part of the game, this is a deep involving world-changing game that’s intelligent and rich. If people really don’t want their kids seeing stuff, they should get off their ass and raise the little buggers themselves.

And besides, since when have games been purely for the under 10’s?

4) “THE SLAUGHTER?!?!?!” – yes, because heaven forbid people actually be able to link their hamburger with the suffering and death of an animal. I’m sure that if more kids were taught what went into their food, their sweets, even things that might seem harmless like Jelly… Well, we wouldn’t have a constant rise in child obesity.

5) “They’re boring” completely destroys their whole argument. So they find these games boring, they’re against their message and they want something to attack. So they’d rather have kids attacking each other with long pointy swords in a game? Or blowing some guys head off, watching people burning and dying? Basically, these are ignorant pig-headed douche-bags that don’t agree with the games message, don’t see the point of them and so are desperately trying to find anything to drag it down by…

Topic: Glossary


Or “real time strategy” games are quite an interesting bag. At its core, an RTS tends to be like real-time chess, a game in which you command a vast army in real time to defeat enemies and complete objectives.

Some will often have other aspects of management games, like building a strong economy (often to support the army), ensuring you have farms and mines to provide food and building materials. Nearly all of them adopt a “god in the sky” approach, you hover over top viewing large portions of the land, controlling your army through mouse-clicks and hotkeys. We’re talking Age Of Empires, Starcraft and Command and Conquer.

It’s also coincidentally where the phrase “micro-management” most likely came from. Often if you had 2 equally sized and well equipped armies it came down to how the player managed each individual unit (or group etc) that really made the win.

Doing things like moving units to the back of the group as they took fire would prevent them from being killed and as such able to “fight another day”. Focus firing on enemy units would ensure that they died faster, and so on.

Also, do not confuse with their older brother the Turn Based Strategy. This IS chess. You do something, your opponent does something. Overall it’s more tactical, but doesn’t really take advantage of the immersion or real-time capabilities of digital games. There are some great ones though like Advance Wars which allowed 2 players to use the same DS, but it really depends on what you want.

Probably the most interesting thing outside of RTS’s are the mods that have evolved, almost entirely new genres. Things like Tower Defences and DOTA, all have origins in RTS’s but are quite far removed becoming their own subgenre.

Anyway, see you all tomorrow!

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