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Daily Dosage 05/09

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Hi all, sorry for the brief week off, but life stuff got in the way! (bear in mind none of us on the West Londoner get paid for this… yet).

So here’s todays Releases, Deals and News and a continuation of our topics Glossary.

Releases Today

Nothing out Today, but this week’s got a few good releases coming up!


Online Digital DL

Steam: Velvet Assassin a game whose front cover prominently features a womans ass… So you know it’s going to be good! </sarcasm>

If you’re fast you can also grab the tail end of their COD Weekend Deal.

Velvet's Ass

Taken from Wikipedia

D2D: A deal on all Lego Games (play with a friend!), A Deal on all Paradox Interactive Games

GoG: the tail end of their weekend Digital Game Factory pack

News from around the Web:

MCV: something on Deus Ex: HR Fending off the top spot in the UK market...

IGNDead Island Review

CVG I hope that their article on Crytek’s “Hire and Fire” policy isn’t entirely true, given that Free Radical Design are now a part of Crytek…

N4G: Have loads on the Assassin Creed Revelations.

Topic: Glossary


Other spellings include “Newb, N00b (with zero’s), nub, newbie” is a definition of a player that plays like a “new player”.

Originates as hacker slang (as most internet jargon and lingo did) to prevent automated-word searchers and the like from grabbing important phrases from chat-logs, so they used to hybridize words from letters and numbers. 1337 (leet, short for elite) n00b, h4ck (hack) etc are some limited examples. They’ve all since prevailed through the internet and fallen into everyday usage.

Mostly restricted to online competitive games (where others can assess your skill level) but sometimes stretches to single players if your friend is watching you over your shoulder…

There does tend to be a rather important and significant difference between NOOb (double O or zero) and newb.

a Newb tends to be someone who is new at a game, and therefore plays it with limited skill. In and of itself that doesn’t instantly signify the phrase as being an insult, as everyone was a newbie at some point in the game, though some can become exasperated if what they consider second nature is taking you several attempts.

Noob is much more sinister, it tends to mean “you play like a newbie”. You could have been playing for years but someone might call you a n00b in insult, basically implying that no matter how long you’ve played, you still play like you’ve sat down at the game for the first time.

Anyway, see you tomorrow!



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