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Live: East London Protests

Saturday, 3 September, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

1904: For a round-up of all today’s protesting reports, click here.


1719: UAF protesters have just finished their “victory march” and are slowly beginning to disperse. The EDL did not enter Tower Hamlets, having been stopped around Aldgate and other surrounding areas. Police who attempted to block the route of the parade were ignored as marchers lifted their banners over the heads of police trying to stop them.

1714: EDL member being arrested on a street in London (waiting for confirmation of street name)

1710: The EDL are currently being held at the south side of Tower Bridge. Police are making decisions what to do.

1708: Reports coming in that 73 EDL members have been arrested so far, but no UAF members.

1706: In the last hour, protests have continued without any major disturbances. The EDL appear to have mostly dispersed now. There was a “victory march” by the UAF and other groups standing against the EDL (such as the Muslim Defence League and other faith groups) which made their way past the East London Mosque, where they stopped to applaud and cheer. Police attempted to move the march off the road and onto the pavement—but the protesters refused, breaking through police lines. 

1445: Reports from Aldgate seem to be of a large crowd chanting, ‘Black and White, unite and fight’. Heavy police presence, but mood is reported to be positive. 

1440: EDL protest outside Liverpool St station about half an hour ago. 

1433: Large police presence at Aldgate East.

1430: English Defence League appear to be on the march. Just turned from Liverpool St south onto Bishopsgate.

1428: Police dogs being used outside Liverpool St station.

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