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EDL and UAF gather in East End

Saturday, 3 September, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Rival political groups United Against Fascism and the English Defence League are gathering across central and east London today to hold protests against each other.

People in the areas affected – which include King’s Cross, Islington, Tower Hamlets, Aldgate and Euston, so far – have been taking photos and videos.

Police have imposed a section 60 and 60AA order across London today, meaning they can order protestors to remove masks and other face coverings. edit – it also means police can carry out stop and searches at random.

Political leaders and other figures are currently gathered in Tower Hamlets along with UAF supporters, listening to speeches being made there. Meanwhile, the EDL are still travelling around London.

VIDEO: EDL gathering at King’s Cross.

Image via @BanTheEdl, Twitter. Scottish Defence League assembling in Tower Hamlets

via Matthew Taylor – large EDL gathering outside the Flying Scotsman on Caledonian Road.

via Paraic O’Brien – police stopping and searching a coach which is said to contain EDL travelling to Tower Hamlets.

via leninology – trade unionists’ gathering in Whitechapel.

editor’s note: this page will not act as a liveblog unless serious disorder starts, but we will update it through the afternoon as interesting snippets come through. As always, WL does not support or condone either side – we just do our best to report the facts.

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