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Daily Dosage 24/08

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Releases Today

Hamilton’s Great Adventure (on PSN) and Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition on PS3 and Xbox (Again, digital download on PSN and XBLA).

Additionally, Bleedout is free on steam. Don’t know a lot about this one, but it looks to be an online First-person shootery MMORPG thing. Could be fun and it’s free to play!


Online Digital DL

Steam: Deal today is Tidalis and their Midweek Madness is the Serious Sams, including a pre-order and deal for the new Serious Same coming out!

D2D have their own deal going with the pre-order of Serious Sam.

News from around the Web:

MCVDeus Ex HR comes with an OnLive code!

IGN: Starting their top 100 SNES games if you want to learn a bit about gaming history, here’s the place!

CVG: 2 interesitn articles. One is of Sony slamming the 3DS’s 3d capabilities, and the other is that their Vita can’t have 3d (for the first launch at least). Essentially the gaming equivalent of penis envy going on here, where you insult that which you can’t have.

GameSpot‘s quick fire “Star Select” is a nice little short with some good info. Some more about the console war and of course DXHR.

Escapist: Have a short bit of info as said by Bethesda’s Hines on Skyrim

Kotaku: Have a little bit on DXHR themselves!

Gamasutra: Ben Abraham has a FANTASTIC piece on sexism in the gaming industry. They’ve also got something on the critical reception of DXHR.

And just a reminder everyone, that Deus Ex Human Revolution will be out on Friday 26th!

Topic: Glossary


a short one today… “Nerf” is gamer slang for “made weaker”. It comes from the foam-toys and toy-gun range that fire foam darts, so the idea is that if you “nerf” something you’ve made it generally weaker and less of a threat.

So “my gun got nerfed” or “they nerfed my gun” or “my gun’s going to get nerfed” or “I hope they nerf your gun” are all common instance, but it can be broader than that. Not just affecting weapons but entire classes (“the shaman got nerfed, they nerfed healers”) or abilities.

Mostly you’ll see it apply to online communities where there’s constant balance shifts as the developers deserpately try to make  game that both makes you feel like a badass and is fair across the board.

Reasons for nerfing: Mostly it tends to be to do with balance (such as in an online game) but can sometimes occur in single-player games if there was a particular item that essentially upset the balance of the game in question. Sometimes there’s particular instances were a particular combination of abilities or skills can create far overpowered effects that the developers either didn’t foresee or were missed in testing.

One example I can think of is some of the abilities in Infamous returning in Infamous 2. Things like the Frost Shield (formerly the kinetic shield) were changed. Previously you could run, jump and generally do everything while maintaining the shield but in the sequel it slowed Cole’s movement and peripheral vision. This was balanced by the fact that enemies tended to be less “a giant swarm all shooting at you” and moved around a lot more, meaning that the shield was required less in every instant and more for specific ones.

See you all tomorrow!

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