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Jilted lover’s bomb hoax

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A jilted lover made a hoax bomb threat to get back at her ex-BBC journalist boyfriend after he told her he was having an arranged marriage, a court heard. Ahla Arbid, 33, told airport authorities that Hossain Ansari Pour’s new bride, Sara Aryan Pour, was carrying explosives when she flew to the UK. 

Prosecutors at Southwark Crown Court said that Arbid, a mother-of-two from Marylebone, West London, reacted furiously when she discovered that Mr Ansari Pour’s parents had found him a bride, who was due to come to the UK.

Arbid told the court she feared Mr Ansari Pour was part of a plot to kill hundreds of passengers on an international flight. She reportedly informed airport authorities that ex-BBC journalist Hossain Ansari Pour was plotting to bring explosives to the UK. She claimed they were being smuggled from Iran via Turkey by his new bride and sparked a major security alert.

Giving evidence to the court, Mr Ansari Pour said his father was a senior lawyer and lecturer in law in Tehran, while he himself had worked for several well-known news organisations including the BBC, and was now head of Farsi at Dow Jones, which publishes the Wall Street Journal.

He went on to say that he had already been married twice, once in a ‘full’ Islamic marriage, from which he has an 11-year-old daughter, and also in a previous ‘temporary’ marriage, which, under Iranian law, allows legal sexual relationships on a less formal basis than full marriage.

He added: “Even on the first day that I met Ahla, I did tell her my parents were looking for a wife for me”.

The court heard that the couple entered into a sexual relationship, and that Arbid later told the journalist she was pregnant by him, subsequently having an abortion. Mr Ansari Pour’s parents found him a bride in Iran, and although he was still engaged in his ‘temporary marriage’ to Arbid, he flew to his homeland for a religious wedding ceremony. He then arranged for his new wife to come to Britain, booking her a flight to London via Turkey on May 2nd this year.

When Arbid discovered what was happening, she contacted both the British Airports Authority and the authorities in Turkey to tell them that Miss Aryan Pour was carrying an ‘explosive substance’ to give to her husband in London.

Arbid hit back at claims she had alerted authorities maliciously and falsely, insisting that she feared Mr Ansari Pour was a terrorist and was plotting a bomb attack on a plane.



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