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Daily Dosage 16/08

Releases today:

Age of Empires Online is out on PC, and it’s (at least partially) free to play!

Also, the pre-order for the collectors edition of both Skyrim and Arkham City are up on Game(S,  AC), and Gamestation(S, AC).


Online Digital DL

Steam : Burn Zombie Burn!

D2D : Section 8, Roogoo, X-Blade, The Movies: Superstar Edition (for MAC)


Not a deal as such, but the high-street price reduction for the Nintendo 3DS is up across the board, down from £210 to £140. Check it at Play, Game, Gamestation, HMV and Amazon, to name a few.

News from Around the Web:

MCV have an interesting article on the surge in 3DS sales in Japan, no doubt related to the recent price cuts. We might expect a similar trend over here, expecially as people start buying them up in prep for christmas.

IGN have an article on Minecraft for Android via the new PSN. If you’re one of the 3 people to get an Xperia Play, the “Playstation Phone” then you’ll be able to play with blocks with something in your pocket. And I’m eternally jealous.

To add some balance, GameSpot have an article that the PS Vita (which is the new PSP) is doomed to fail. Personally I think Sony incorporating the Playstation store across the android phone market was a stroke of genius… But that they’re following a completely different school of thought with a dedicated handheld in the form of a new PSP.

AllAboutTheGames have a complete flip-side to the above argument, with an analyst expecting 2.5 million units to shift of the Vita.

The Escapist have a new video for the upcoming Dota 2… A Valve title, based on a mod for the Blizzard game Warcraft 3. God, games are weird.

Gamasutra have a top 10 of some of the best Iphone games.

Topic: Glossary

Part two of our glossary, and today we’re focussing on…

Point and Click

Point and click adventure games are another favourite of the late 80’s/early 90’s. They were typified by a character (or group) running around, interacting with other characters and objects, picking up things and rubbing them together to solve puzzles. The emphasis was heavily on story and character relationships/interaction, and the puzzles were often little more than “use x with y”.

They evolved out of text-based adventure games, like Zork. Essentially a “choose your own adventure book” turned digital and slightly more interactive. Literally the player versus a wall of text.

As technology advanced they added images, fully animated 2D sprites and subsequently even 3D games.

Sadly point and click adventure games, once the height of PC gaming, have fallen to the wayside, with only a few indie enthusiasts and Telltale games producing any of worth. These are more nostalgic love letters to a bygone era than a viable and progressive form of game design, but they’re still great fun, and the writing tends to be top-notch.

Most notably, this particular method of input (you poke stuff) works wonderfully with tablets and touch-screen devices. And indeed, you’ll see that that’s a popular idea!

I’ll allow Yahtzee, the genius behind Zero Punctuation to explain this better than I could…

The above is taken from the pilot of Game Damage, which we do not own.

As you can see, they’ve bred and been absorbed by other gaming genres, creating more complete and well-rounded experiences.

All part of modern gaming’s pedigree!

See you tomorrow!

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